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Visit  for all things tied to Levine Spirit Wear. You can purchase Spirit Wear shirts, sweatshirts, water bottles, kippot, and more!

Students can wear these items on scheduled Spirit Wear and Dollars4Denim days.
... but sweatshirts can be worn throughout the year. You can find the Levine Academy dress code and uniform policy 😎

Here is a little 'Levine Lingo' & Levine's Spirit Wear/Dollars4Denim days: 
(These dates are also on the school's website calendar and will be listed in the weekly eNews.)
Spirit Wear/Rosh Chodesh
Spirit Wear is sold through the PA's Spirit Wear committee. Levine logo-bearing clothing items can be worn on Spirit Wear Days, which fall on Rosh Chodesh (the first day of the new Hebrew month), or themed-days (like: Pep Rally, etc.). 
Dollars4Denim is a Middle School Student Congress-sponsored charity drive in which students may donate $1 to the designated charity of the month to wear jeans to school, or $5 for a free dress day. 

Contact Shana Staub &/or Allision Grossman about Spirit Wear Days.