What Does Literacy Look Like In Our Pre-K Program?
Levine Academy

Exploration, curiosity, and intrigue can be heard and seen in our Levine Academy Pre-K hallway. Our Alphabet Museum/Letter of the Week literacy curriculum teaches letter recognition and enhances phonetic awareness. This curriculum is designed to teach various learning styles: visual/special, auditory/musical, verbal/linguistic and physical/kinesthetic learners.

Another component of our literacy curriculum is our Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) program. Handwriting Without Tears takes a multi-sensory approach regarding directional skills, listening skills, fine motor activities, and letter formation. At the beginning of school year, students engage in Handwriting Without Tears lesson plan called Mat Man. This is a teacher directed activity taught in small groups using visual and auditory instruction. Mat Man is designed to help children learn to draw the human body and put those body parts in the proper place. Mat Man teaches positional and spatial relationships as well as body awareness and fine motor skills. The children use the same big lines, little lines, big curves, little curves that they use to form the letters of the alphabet.


In Pre-K, we are building an early literacy foundation and a love of learning. Students participate in daily 'Center Time' which strengthens early literacy. This can involve letter recognition, matching beginning sounds, and writing. For example, we use language from our students in our units of study. During Chanukah, we ask each student to use their imaginations and tell us where they would "spin to", if they were a dreidel. By writing down what they say verbatim, students begin to understand that letters combine to form words and sentences.

We are so excited about our Pre-K students' achievements this fall semester. We look forward to seeing their progress in the spring semester.