The Making of a Mensch-The Early Childhood Perspective
Levine Academy

In early childhood at Levine Academy is instilling the morals of being a mensch. Along with our emphasis on social-emotional learning, academic innovation, and mindfulness, our youngest Levine students are learning the vital characteristics of the Levine Academy's core middot; Caring, Responsibility, Integrity, Respect, Holiness, Citizenship, and Justice. With the support of our teachers and families, we witness these important attributes in our students each day.

How many schools get the opportunity to start their week as a community? The Jewish ritual of Havdalah, which means separation, gives our Levine Early Childhood students and teachers a chance to start fresh every week. We get a moment to come together, take a deep breath, and welcome the week ahead. This makes a huge difference in how we approach the week. We welcome our routine rather than jumping right into a hurried, hectic schedule. We end our Havdalah service wishing our friends a great day filled with peace. At Torah service, we are reminded that the lessons of the Torah are important. These lessons help guide our students' empathy, and desire to do good deeds. We are reminded that the values we hold dear all stem from the Torah. During Shabbat we end our week the way we started - as a community. We are fortunate to be able to create an environment at school where every child and family can feel how special they are as part of our Levine Academy community.

You often hear educators and parents saying "our children are the future".  It is not simply their abilities that are important, but the compassion our children display. We believe our students' mitzvoth, kind acts of friendship and respect for each other, are to be recognized and appreciated each day. This can be seen in our classrooms with our Mitzvah Trees, our monthly Mitzvah Mensch projects, and in our Buddies program. We are witnessing the making of true mensches!