Students Applaud Stylish New Classroom
Levine Academy

Students in Mr. Itskovich's (Mr. I's) math class have been experiencing a transformation. In fact, we could call it a new theorem: planes and geometric figures of bright colorful objects allow for greater focus and energy.

The new classroom furnishings, provided by NorvaNivel, have indeed brightened the learning and have enlivened the environment, and the students have given it a big thumbs up.

Just walk into any of Mr. I's classes, and you'll find a cornucopia of student positions: kneeling down, standing on the wobble board, sitting in the café booth, sitting on the high stool, standing at the whiteboard table, sinking into a floor cushion. Yet they are all focused and engaged.


Alongside our images shown in this e-News, 

we include some snippets from the students themselves: