Reflections of Levine's Experiential DC and NYC Trip: Class of 2021 (Part 1 of 2)
Class of 2021

Sunday, November 11, 2019
To start off the outstanding trip we were warmly welcomed by the National Museum of American Jewish Military History. A former military pilot, Sheldon A. Goldberg discussed and shared his experience in combat. Some things he said truly stood out to us, the fact that he served for 30 years and is still here today to share his stories. As a class, we all participated in writing cards to injured military members and created bags with basic necessities for a normal life during their recovery. For lunch, Rabbi Litton brought in the best kosher pizza I have ever had. We also had the option to have fries, brownies, soda, and salad. After lunch we went to visit the Lincoln and Vietnam Memorials. It was meaningful to be surrounded by Veterans and fallen soldiers’ families. -Caroline W.

In the evening, we went to an intense hockey game between the Washington Capitals and the Arizona Coyotes. All of the grade had a blast screaming and cheering for the Caps. The game went into overtime with the Caps and Coyotes 3-3, the game went to a shoot out and sadly the Coyotes won the shoot out 1-0. After the game, we danced and played the drums with an amazing street band! Overall, we had a great time and are so tired. Day one complete!!! -Lainey W. and Olivia W.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019
Today, we went to the National Holocaust Museum. The amount of new information we learned is just amazing. From seeing the gas chambers to understanding how Poland has made it illegal to say they were involved in it. We each got a passport with someone’s name and their story during the Holocaust. Some survived, some didn’t. Many tried to flee. Some with success, others were sent back, caught, trapped, and sometimes even killed. It fascinated us how human beings can be this heartless and not care about others because of their race, ethnicity, or beliefs. -Noah R.

We just left the International Spy Museum, which was great! Starting in a learning lab, we were given a case and four keys to solve it: unidentified fingerprints, handwriting samples, and shoe prints. After we solved the case, we went up to the fifth floor (on a scary elevator where the lights changed). After watching an introductory film, narrated by Morgan Freeman, we went into a series of exhibits all across the museum discussing spying throughout history from ancient China to the Cold War. We got spy badges and code names to complete a spy mission where we were given identities to memorize clues to uncover during the mission. Our last stop was the gift shop, where we all got many different gadgets that were pretty cool: socks, cards, and shock and smokey pens. Overall, the museum was amazing and all of us learned something sneaky about spying.-Morgan H.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
To start off our adventures of the day, we went to the Newseum full of the top stories throughout the last several decades including politics, newspapers, and even some TV shows. We began with discussing the five parts of the first amendment- Freedom of the Press, Protest, Assembly, Speech, and Religion. Following that we visited an exhibit that explained the gory details about terrorist attacks around the world. Later, toward the end of the exhibit, there was a very interesting video about how to become an FBI agent. The process to become an agent seems difficult, but very necessary. We have had such a great experience at the Newseum!  -Ben G.

This afternoon we went to the White House. It was amazing how much security they had. Afterward, we walked around the Building of Treasury to some souvenir shops where some people bought hats and sweaters. Right by the souvenir shop, there was a grassy area where we hung out for some time. Now, we are on our way to New York!!! -Jonathan G.

 The food on our trip has been delicious. For dinner, we went to Dougie’s. It was so scrumptious. There was a great variety of food, from fried food all the way to sushi. We can’t forget the tasty onion rings, fries, and chicken wings-so delicious! There was a great big area to sit and run around which was awesome, and we didn’t have to sit down the whole time! -Stella B.

Thursday, November 14, 2019
To start off our NY adventures, we went to the Museum of Natural History. In this museum they had different exhibits including some about space, ocean life, and dinosaurs. My favorite exhibit was Ocean Life because they had a lot of fake real-sized habitats and a ginormous whale hanging over the whole exhibit. I thought it was very different than any other museum because every animal they showed was fake but the same size as it would be if it were real. -Caroline W.

At the Tenement Museum, we learned about Irish immigrants specifically a family who moved to New York in the late 1800s. There was a replica apartment where they lived. It was very small and hard to live with three daughters, parents, and few amenities. This learning experience was interesting of how they adapted from their Irish culture while trying to fit into American society. We were inspired to see immigrants from different countries starting a new life. -Avi C.