Reflections of Levine's Experiential DC and NYC Trip: Class of 2020 (Part 2 of 2)
Levine Academy
Day 5: 
On Friday morning we woke up super early to go to the NBC Studio Tour. We got to see The Late Night Show and SNL sets. This was super cool. We bought awesome souvenirs at the NBC gift shop. After this amazing experience we went to the grand re-opening of FAO Schwartz at Rockefeller Center. All of us were interviewed by various news reporters. Click HERE to see the news clip!
We got to walk in Time Square and go shopping for all kinds of gifts and souvenirs. Breaking up into two groups, some of us went to the M&M store while some went to the brand new Nike Store.
Together we walked to Shul for Shabbat davening. Later we were welcomed by a Jewish family (friends of the Tarnavsky's) for Shabbat dinner. Overall we had a fun, packed day! Thank you to the Tarnavsky family for helping make our New York Shabbat dinner so memorable. -Sara and Brenna
Day 6:
Almost everybody in the grade tried to keep Shabbat. It was my first time keeping Shabbat, and it was an unforgettable experience. We woke up, later than usual, and went to Shul. Some chose to go to BJ (Bnai Jeshurun), while others went to Chabad. We walked and had some very meaningful conversations on the way. Something that might not have happened if we didn't keep Shabbat by taking the bus. We were warmly welcomed by locals from the Shuls. I for one connected and had a meaningful experience davening. After Kiddush and a motivating story from the Rabbi, we took a nice long walk through Central Park. Finally, we had an amazing Havdalah with music and singing. 
To end our night we first stopped by Dylan's Candy Bar before hitting Broadway. Dylan's Candy Bar definitely had a good business day after we were there! Lastly we watched an awesome Broadway show, The School of Rock, and did some late night shopping. -Brenna