Reflections of Levine's Experiential DC and NYC Trip: Class of 2020 (Part 1 of 2)
Levine Academy

Day One:
After waking up early in the morning we got to the airport and got on our plane. After a fun flight, and meeting new people, we made it to DC. When we arrived in DC we hopped on our bus and headed to Great Falls Park for a delicious picnic lunch and some sports. We had an amazing hike, with beautiful views. Then we went to the hotel, got situated and unpacked. We went for a fun dinner and finally saw the White House! -Brenna & Andrea


Day Two:
On Tuesday morning we arrived at the Spy Museum. Soon after our arrival we were greeted by a teacher who taught us about Forensics of Espionage. The teacher showed us how to use different lights to observe evidence. We did a very fun workshop. After we walked around the museum and learned many new things that included, how to hide gadgets and how to fit many people into a tiny car. We had a lot of fun! -Sara & Danielle

In the afternoon we went to the Holocaust Museum. It was very meaningful for Jewish children like us. There were four different floors, interpreted in many various ways. This was an amazing experience. -Sara & Danielle

The Holocaust Museum was the most educational museum yet in my opinion. We entered the elevator and a volunteer explained to us about the museum. From graphic photos to moving writings, the museum had everything you would need to learn about the Holocaust. -Omer

After the Holocaust Museum, we headed over to the Smithsonian Museum. We learned about space and what's in it. We watched a 3D movie that portrayed the Milky Way, the universe, and other galaxies. We learned about dark matter, radiation, how the universe expands faster every year, and how machines are used to learn new things. We learned that different galaxies could see things that we can't and we can see things that they cannot see. If you want to learn about space, go to the Smithsonian. -Omer

We ended our day with a tour of the Capitol with Congressman Gohmert. We started off by getting greeted by a tour guide, who worked for the Congressman, that explained the history of the Capitol. After that we met the Congressman. He showed us all around. We saw the old Senate room and the old Supreme Court, it was very interesting. We learned many new things and it was a lot of fun! –Danielle & Eden


Day Three:

As we were walking to say hi to Kevin Pailet, we saw David (he helps Ted Cruz) and he was talking about Israel and a lot of the issues. Then we saw Ted Cruz (Eli K couldn't speak for a moment) and he spoke about Israel and answered our questions. We took pictures and said congrats. Then we got signatures. After all that, we got some stuff from the gift shop. -Eli K.

The Newseum was really fun. We walked around and looked at the newspapers!!! We also watched a short documentary on 9/11. After we ate a good lunch, sandwiches. I had a lot of fun and I am happy we went! -Natalie

After learning history at the Newseum, we went on our bus and stopped to hike before the long bus ride to New York. Then we went to eat at Dougie's for dinner. It was really good!! Finally we arrived in New York! -Eliana

Day Four:

Today we had bagels for breakfast. We also went to Ellis Island and got to sleep in a movie because we were tired. For lunch we went out for pizza. We also went to the Tenement Museum which was fun. -Tessa & Sydney

Today, in the Tenement Museum, we saw an apartment building that Victoria, a real immigrant that went through Ellis Island, lived in. We got to "meet" her and ask her questions, she was an awesome actress who was very believable. She told us about her life back where she used to live and about New York life in 1916.

After that, we walked outside, and to our excitement saw SNOW! We drove to an ice rink and there was even more snow on the ice. We had snow fights and races. All of our toes were freezing but we had lots of fun and captured amazing memories. 

Lastly, we walked through the city to our restaurant, Mr. Broadway, and ate delicious food. At the end of the meal we received a cake and sang Happy Birthday in honor of Noa's 13th birthday. 

We had a long, exciting day, and at the end of the day, we all had amazing memories that we will always cherish. -Danielle & Omer