Pursuing Cultural Connections: Levine Students Attend Dallas Symphony Orchestra Concert
Levine Academy

This week Levine Academy brought students to one of Dallas’ premier cultural institutions—the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. The cultural field trip is part of a school-wide effort to raise musical awareness among the younger elementary students in order to develop their love of music, expose them to an array of musical styles, and possibly ignite their interest in learning to play an instrument.

Levine Students Attend Dallas Symphony Orchestra Concert

Inspired by last October’s special performance in Beit Aryeh for Levine’s First through Fourth Grade students by Dallas Symphony Orchestra members, Levine’s Fourth Grade students followed up on Wednesday, January 24th , with a field trip to Meyerson Symphony Center.  Levine students were honored with special seating behind the musicians to hear DSO’s “I Am a Musician” Youth Concert Program. Students were exposed to different instrument families (Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussions, and even the Pipe Organ). They heard various works by Mozart, Gounod and Dvorak.

The performance was conducted by Lucas Waldin, a dynamic and versatile conductor who has conducted orchestras across North America—Houston, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, New Orleans, Dallas, and many more.

Our students were able to hear from the professional musicians about what it means to be a musician and how their instrument fits into the fabric of the orchestra. According to the DSO, the aim of the Youth Concert Program is to show students “how everyone can build on their inherent musicianship and experience the unique and immense joy that comes from making music oneself.”

Levine is looking to continue its relationship with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra and to seek additional ways to enliven the cultural offerings for Levine Academy students.