Middle School Students' Toy Drive Benefiting Family Gateway
Levine Academy

The Middle School students' Toy Drive was a huge success this year! The initiative began with the coordination of our Levine MS Counselor Barbara Carr-Goodman, faculty, parents and students. Their mission was to live our values of Tzedakah; encouraging kindness and empathy for others in our community. This year’s toy drive benefited Family Gateway. Family Gateway is an organization in Dallas that provides housing, educational, and social services to families with children experiencing homelessness in Dallas County. They were incredibly appreciative of our efforts and welcome additional volunteerism in the future. 

Below are some quotes from our students on how they felt about the initiative.

“Tzedakah is important not only because we are helping others get back on their feet and enjoy life, but it also makes us better people. If all we do is take and never give, we become greedy. Giving to others in need helps us be more sympathetic and empathetic toward those in need and less self-centered.” – Sydney G.

“ We give because we want everyone to be happy. Just because they can’t afford nice toys, that shouldn’t be the sad reason that they don’t get one.” - Kayla K.

“Tzedakah means giving to other that aren’t as fortunate. It helps us feel good and know we help others.” – Natalie E.

“Some people need to be cheered up. You don’t know what they are going though.” - Lyle P.

“It’s important to give to others because some people can’t afford things.” - Sarina R.

“Tzedakah means to donate to the poor.” Matan E.

“I think it’s very nice to do because we’re giving to people who don’t have anything else. I like it because it’s a mitzvah.” – Benji F.

 “Tzedakah is important to helping others who need help. You feel good about yourself because you help others; you know you did the right thing; you made someone smile.” – Lihi P.

“Some people don’t have as much money and food as we do. We need to give people food so they can get jobs and earn money. When you give gifts to the homeless, they are happy to know that we care.” - Shira R.

“Tzedakah is important to me because it’s giving to others who don’t have a lot of stuff like I do. It’s very important to give to those who don’t have.” – Eden B.

“It is good to give because some people can’t afford to give their kids things. They deserve to get at least a little thing, so always GIVE.” - Brianna R.

“Tzedakah is giving to others and feeling good about it after and helping others.” – Andrea A.

“It’s important to give to others because some are less fortunate than others.” - Brenden F.

“Tzedakah is important because helping others in need is the right thing to do, and Tzedakah is all about helping others.” – Evie S.

“It’s good to give to others because they can’t afford too many things. It’s a huge Mitzvah.” - Ella S.

 “I think that we should give because some people don’t have anything to entertain them.” - Talia F.

“Tzedakah is important to me because people don’t have as much and we help them.” – Eli H.

“I think it’s a very nice thing because we’re donating to people who don’t have a lot. I feel like they’re going to appreciate it a lot” – Abby G.

 “Tzedakah is important to me because it gives people who are not as fortunate as us a chance.” – Ben K.

“I think it’s a very nice thing because we’re giving to people who don’t have much. I always love these mitzvah projects.” – Jonah G.

“It’s important to give to others. It also makes people happy when they get things.” - Maya R.

“Kindness never hurt anyone.” – Tyler C.

 “I think it’s a good idea because they’ll get the same feeling we do when we get presents.” – Danielle N.

“I think it’s nice to give back to other people instead of receiving.” – Leeam K.

“Tzedakah is important because if we are lucky enough to have extra, we should share some with people who aren’t. There are people who have nothing, and it’s our job to change that.” – Sarah F.