Message from Weinreb Early Childhood Director
Stephanie Taylor, Weinreb EC Director

Welcome back!!! It feels amazing to be able to say that. The beginning of every school year has always been a time of excitement. Teachers are busy getting their classrooms ready, they are organizing new supplies, unwrapping new toys, and putting the finishing touches on their lesson plans for the new school year.

We know the beginning of the school year is also exciting for parents. We've all seen that hilarious meme of the mom before and after the first day of school. Parents are excited to get their children back to school -- finally! The care-free, relaxed days of summer give way to the more structured, routine-following and scheduled days of back-to-school... and particularly for this year, providing parents with a much needed break from the role of parent/teacher/playmate that many of you have been experiencing since March. 

This school year will be a little different. COVID-19 has caused us to change the way we do certain things. However, the core of what we do at school has not changed. First and foremost teachers and staff are providing your children with a warm and loving environment in which your child can learn and grow. Even though we are wearing masks, the love, the care and the nurturing still shines through! Our teachers are also providing the same enriching educational experience make us Levine Academy. We are all trying our best to create a "new normal" in a not-so-normal world. How is this accomplished? As teachers, we educate ourselves, we search for new and creative ways to teach our students, and we inspire and support one another.

Professional Development is always something our teachers seek out in order to increase their knowledge base in the area of Early Childhood Education. Even during this pandemic, our EC teachers attended virtual conferences this summer. Our Three's and Pre-K teachers attended a Learning Without Tears conference which focused on changes and improvements that have been made to the Handwriting Without Tears (HWT) curriculum that we have been using for the past few years in Pre-K. Our teachers are eager to implement these changes. Learning Without Tears even has a virtual curriculum that we can implement if the need arises. This conference was also custom tailored for Levine Academy to include our Three's teachers, who now know how to use some of the HWT ideas and manipulative in their classrooms.

Another exciting conference that many teacher's attended was the Play First Summit. Our EC teachers have not stopped talking about how helpful and inspiring this conference was. Our teachers all came away with new and exciting ideas to implement in their individual classrooms. And the ideas and suggestions haven't stopped. Through the conference's Facebook page and message board, EC teachers around the world are still sharing ideas. That's pretty impressive! With new tools under our belts, we are ready to get this school year started!

I know I speak for all of our teachers and staff when I say that we are so happy to be back at school. We are thrilled to see the classrooms at Levine filled with your adorable and happy children. We are thankful and relieved to be able to hold a tiny hand, listen to the world problems of a three year old, and see the excitement in the eyes of a Pre-K child as they learn
something new. I send a huge "Thank You" to all you parents for entrusting us with your children. We are teachers. Your children are truly a gift. We look forward to a different yet still wonderful and amazing school year!