Message from Board President
Levine Academy

Dear Levine Families,

Last week, prior to Tuesday's Ribbon Cutting ceremony and Wednesday's Grand Opening, I had the privilege of attending a preview event at the new Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum.

"The Museum is dedicated to teaching the history of the Holocaust and advancing Human rights to combat prejudice, hatred and indifference."

I searched my mind to find the words to convey how I felt about this amazing accomplishment of the countless, dedicated people who invested years of vision and hard work: Unforgettable ... does not even come close to describing my emotions.

The Museum's experience is immersive, interactive, and diverse -- it has such a broad reach that will impact children and adults across Dallas and across the world.

Our community's impressive collaboration, resulting in the Museum's compassionate documentation of events and powerful impact, leaves you speechless. I left feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude ... a gratitude that flows from the heart of our own Levine community.

The Museum's visionary and philanthropic leadership for this labor of love, on this very personal project has strong ties to Ann & Nate Levine Academy.  I feel a huge sense of pride and gratitude, because of the generations of our people who have come before us, to follow their direction to strengthening our mission today.

"Ann & Nate Levine Academy is an inclusive, dynamic, Jewish day school which fosters leadership, creativity, critical thinking, and Jewish values while empowering its students with integrity, self-confidence, and intellectual curiosity."

As a parent, I believe we have a responsibility to teach our children the importance of leadership and humanity. We should empower them to do their part, no matter how big or small - and this begins with our example. Your decision to educate your children at Levine Academy is a critical investment in our Jewish legacy.

The Museum is about Humanity: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. I encourage you to visit The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum and find your opportunity to be an Upstander in our community.


Warmest Regards,
Sandy Haymann Marks
2019-2020 President
Board of Trustees