Literacy Through Family Narratives
Levine Academy

Curricular Foundation in our PreK Program

Our PreK program devotes a substantial portion of its literacy development through the strategy

 of family narratives. The program incorporates all aspects of academic, creative, expressive, presentational and social/emotional skills. PreK students narrate stories about their parents and

 grandparents, and their teachers write up the stories and read them back to the students while the class listens. Students draw portraits of their parents, narrate additional stories about daily life in their homes, and they will include comments about and dialogue with fellow students.

One of the strengths of this classroom approach is that students advance their public presentation skills, whereby each student has an opportunity to join his/her teacher in front of the class and share their stories, and these presentations will typically conclude with a Q & A about the story's information or about the student's personal likes and dislikes, with the teacher asking questions and the author/student responding.

Narrative development in the PreK program develops many skills that cover the spectrum of our whole child philosophy-building confidence,

 sharing, constructing stories, visual representation, recalling information, and developing vocabulary. Literacy development in PreK is, of course, a thorough and excellent readiness program for our Kindergarten program at Levine, which takes these literacy skills and enhances their development. To learn more about our K program at Levine, please come to our Kindergarten Open House this Sunday, December 3, from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM.