Levine Students Fulfill Mitzvah For Project 613
Levine Academy

On Wednesday morning this week, Levine Academy students were able to witness and participate in Anshai Torah's Project 613, the writing of a Torah Scroll in honor of Wende Weinberg of blessed memory. Rabbi Zerach Greenfield, the Sofer (Scribe) who arrived from Israel just the day before, spoke to the K8 student body in Beit Aryeh and conducted a question and answer session with the students on the many fascinating laws surrounding the correct way to write the Torah.

Among the laws and interesting facts he shared with the students included the following: the Sofer must use a feather and use special ink; there are about 305,000 letters in the full Torah; a Torah scroll may only be written on parchment from the skin of a kosher animal; before beginning to write a Torah scroll, the scribe must mark off the lines (scoring) on the parchment with slight grooves; no letter must touch another letter; a computer scan is used to make sure that all the letters are included, are in the proper place, and that no mistakes have been made; and much more!

Following the school assembly, each grade had the honor of watching the Sofer write a letter, up close, and many of the students had the opportunity to participate in the sacred mitzvah by sitting next to Rabbi Greenfield and holding the quill while the letter was being written. Truly a fascinating experience for everyone.