Levine Academy

Levine 1st-8th Grade Librarian Maureen Reister partnered with a group of volunteers at The Legacy Willow Bend Retirement Community to provide protective face masks for their 400+ residents and staff. Five of her former Middle School Sewing Class students jumped at the opportunity to help.

Thank you Andrea A., Rachel M., Danielle L., Eliana C., and Addison M., for participating in this important and meaningful project, and also to Levine 6th-8th Grade Counselor Barbara Carr-Goodman for her assistance and encouragement.

Applauding the efforts of her students, Ms. Reister said, "I have so much respect for these girls for going above and beyond to help others. They performed this mitzvah with such generous hearts, spending hours learning new skills and sewing at home on their own."

Mrs. Carr-Goodman expressed her admiration for their selfless motivation to participate in this project,
remarking, "I am incredibly proud of these wonderful girls for engaging in Tikkun Olam. They bring goodness into this world by their actions and make it a better place for all of us."

And a special note from Lisa Vellekamp, Coordinator of the Legacy Mask Project, "The Legacy would like to extend a special “thank you” to everyone from Levine Academy that assisted with sewing masks for our residents and staff at The Legacy Willow Bend. We are so grateful for your support during this time."

Levine has given me an opportunity to help others in need.

"Levine has given me an opportunity to help others in need. While doing this project I was excited to be able to have an impact on others lives by just sewing face masks. I encourage everyone to help out in this crisis in any way possible." -- Eliana C. ('20)

"We rise by helping others." -- Andrea A. ('20)

"It’s never too late to do something." -- Danielle L. ('20)

"Making the masks was a good learning experience, and it was nice to have the opportunity to do a mitzvah." -- Rachel M. ('21)

"To me the mask making project meant that I was helping people stay safe. Knowing that I have helped with this global pandemic makes me feel so good that I made a difference in someone’s life and possibly many others."
-- Addie M. ('22)