A Spirited Week of Trees and Dreams
Levine Academy

From the Tree of our Dreams to a spectacular Fifth Grade Tu B'Shvat Celebration at last Friday's Kehilla Kedosha Service, Levine was aflutter this past week with all things related to trees: tree sculptures, mosaics, mixed media, discovery stations, poetry, journaling, and much more.

Our Fifth Graders presented an imaginary school, Sababa Perfect, and showcased the theme of Tu B'Shvat, explaining why we celebrate trees, the reasons trees are vital to our human experience, vital to Israel, and a main beneficiary of those omnipresent blue and white boxes from the Jewish National Fund! All Fifth Grade Advisors took part in guiding and coaching their students in the presentation. Indeed, the Fifth Graders benefited from an inspiring collaboration between the general studies teachers working in support of this annual Jewish celebration.

The artwork, the science, the mathematics, and language arts components of tree learning were going on everywhere. Second Graders have been creating books with chapters covering different parts and products of trees in their Hebrew classes; Third Graders have been creating amazing and spectacular tree sculptures that capture the Tree of our Dreams; Fourth Graders have created intricate poster collages depicting all the products and foods that come from trees; even our Early Childhood students navigated an entire Tree Park with tree-making and tree-learning stations surrounding Beit Am.

This week's Tu B'Shvat celebration was an enriching experience for so many students to deepen their general studies and Hebrew learning in a real world, relevant, hands-on, and creative approach that was inspiring to the community. Just step into the Third and Fourth Grade hallways and see what's on the walls. Also, check out the main hallway through the K8 entrance and see the dozens of tree creations reflecting an array of creativity and imagination!