Jewish History Art Timeline

Ann and Nate Levine commissioned Solomon Schechter alumna Erin Beckstrand to paint a Jewish timeline which could be used by Levine Academy educators to bring Jewish traditions and history to life for students. Erin used water color technique with the medium of acrylic, painting in layers to give depth, waiting for each layer to dry before adding more paint or details. She also utilized the dot technique with stippling to provide interesting texture, and make the images look pixelated. The project was a collaborative effort between the Levines, Erin and local rabbis who provided insight. It was important to all that the timeline was displayed at eye level so that viewers could see details up close. Erin explained, “We hope that stories from the Torah and Jewish history are depicted here in a way that is engaging and will be impactful for the learning process for students at Levine Academy for years to come.”