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At this important event, during this unprecedented year, we will show gratitude to our educators who have stepped up and given so much love and care to every student at Levine. This year, we recognize what is most important in life: our health, our friends, our family and our Levine community. We are grateful for our teachers for providing a safe and supportive environment for our children to learn and grow during this difficult time.


Ecstatic Sponsor ($18,000)
Ann & Nate Levine

  Loving Sponsor ($10,000)
The Schultz Family

Grateful Sponsors ($5,000)
Gabriela & Sean Dalfen
Lisa & Randy Fleisher
Dot & Basil Haymann
Gloria & Lionel Reiman
Ariane & Matt Stern
Barbara & Arnold Stokol
The Texas Jewish Post

Party Box Sponsor ($5,000)
Frisco Kids Dentistry/
Dr. Paul Rubin & Dr. David Sentelle

Caring Sponsors ($3,600)
Lois & Malcolm Davidson
Emily & Larry Kern
Sandy & Andrew Marks
Marsh & McLennan Agency/
Kevin Pailet, Dan Prescott, & Stuart Prescott
Keren & Brent Meyer
Risha & Steven Reiman
Helen & Frank Risch
Bonnie & Jeffrey Whitman
Julie & Ian Wilkofsky
Susan & Steven Wilkofsky

Giving Sponsors ($2,500)
Carol & Steve Aaron
Frannie & Robert Gardner
Carol & Mark Kreditor
Tina & Marcus Orlowski

Joyful Sponsors ($1,800)
Janet & Jeffrey Beck
Behringer Investments
Chanon, Fonberg, & Ginsburg Families
Congregation Anshai Torah
Congregation Shearith Israel
Stacey & Chuck Butler
Jacqui & Gavin Felder
Just for You/Linda & David Garner
Julia & Seth Gittlitz
Kim & Dan Gold
UBS/Kari & David Goldberg
Bonnie & Michael Grossfeld
Nancy & Solomon Israel
Veronique & Hylton Jonas
Marcia & Jaime Kopel
Katherine Krause & Warren Zahler
Eileen & Aaron Kreisler
Charmaine Lampert
Jodi & Yan Lemeshev
Lauren & Seth Margolies
Lisa & Steve Rudner
Security Reconnaissance Team/Earl Portnoy
Leora Azoulay Short & Larry Short
Henry S. Miller-Anson Switzer
Commercial Real Estate
Laura & Ben Weinstein

Board Chair      
Sandy Haymann Marks
Dev. Chair
Julie Wilkofsky       
Gala Chair
Mahra Pailet
Honorary Chair
Susan & Steven Wilkofsky    
Auction Chair
Shana Staub
Sponsorship Chair
Linda Garner          
Tribute Journal Chairs Julia Gittlitz &
Tara Karp


Dev. Committee   Auction Committee
Brad Behringer   Rebecca Bashara
Randy Fleisher   Michelle Berger
Marc Grossfeld    
Sandy Haymann Marks    
Solomon Israel   Liz Bracken
Hylton Jonas   Jenna Braoude  
Emily Kern   Leslie Ceballos
Mark Kreditor   Laurie Cordell
Jodi Lemeshev   Amy DuBois
Mahra Pailet   Ashley Grossfeld
Risha Reiman   Allison Grossman
Mark Wayne   Brettne Hemley
Laura Weinstein   Julia Kaufman
Julie Wilkofsky   Julie Kern
Michael Zimmermann   Emily Luskey
    Aliyah Markowitz
    Tina Orlowski
Honorary Committee   Zara Shapiro
Anita Chanon   Marissa Solls
Karla Jacoby   Andrea Steiger
Katty Rosenstock   Jennifer Tonini
Patty Small   Julie Yochananov
Barbara Stokol   Laura Weinstein
Susan Wilkofsky   Brittany Zeltser