2023-2024 Levine Fund

When you give to Levine Academy, you water the roots of a Jewish day school that is making a difference by preparing students to succeed in the education and beyond. By nurturing and strengthening the roots, you provide support for the teachers and administration. Flourishing staff means that they are well equipped to teach your children, carrying out our mission to foster leadership, creativity, critical thinking, and Jewish values in our students and community.

Your gift to Levine Academy is an investment in the future of Jewish education and our future community leaders.

Strengthen our roots and help values grow by giving to the Levine Fund today!

If you choose, you may pledge your gift now and pay throughout the year! To submit a pledge with a customized payment plan, please click HERE

Thank you for your donation! Just as a tree does not grow tall and strong in one day, our school did not become one of the premier Dallas day schools overnight. The success of Levine Academy is the direct result of decades of support from our parents, grandparents, board of directors, and local community members.