Unifoms & Uniform Code

All uniforms items are purchased through Mills Uniform Company located at 13615 Welch Road, #102, Dallas, TX 75244, except shoes. You may also purchase uniforms online by going to the Mills website. Once on the site, you must enter either the school name, school code - 651 or click the red rectangle below. Stallion Swap (our used uniform exchange) is held multiple times throughout the year. Be on the lookout, we will highlight Stallion Swap dates in the school weekly eNewsletter (Communications from Campus) and on the school's main calendar.

 Mills Uniform Company

8th Grade students are to wear Blue Levine Logo Polo Shirts daily.
We are also excited to announce some fantastic changes for new uniform items! The fabric on all Polo shirts will be changed to Poly/Cotton Blend. The benefits of this change are that the shirts will be softer, will not fade as fast and will not stiffen after washing.  We also added a Girl's 'fit' Polo in black (previously only available in white.) 
2022-2023 Uniform Code

The Parent Association (P.A.) will take Spirit Wear orders seasonally through on-line Spirit Wear store! The Store will open and close multiple times throughout the school year. Please read the weekly eNews for ordering opportunities. Spirit Wear can be worn on Dollars for Denim days, Rosh Chodesh and more. Remember Levine-branded sweatshirts are allowed to be worn in the building with your uniform on a daily basis.