Early Childhood 21st Century Classrooms

We have accomplished our goal to renovate ALL of the Toddlers through Pre-K classrooms into 21st Century learning spaces this past summer. 

Our generous matching donors, Julie & Michael Zimmermann, will DOUBLE YOUR DONATION. 
The full renovation of each classroom costs between $10,000-$15,000.

Every ECC child returned to school to learn and grow in an innovative learning environment creating a sensory, tactile and safe space for every learner to thrive.

Every student deserves a learning environment that caters to their individual needs--fostering innovation, collaboration, and creativity. Classroom designs are research-based and conceptualized to meet the needs of our students. The key to learning success is considered in every piece and each space. These 21st Century classrooms allow for flexibility in teaching and classroom management. Read more about NorvaNivel USA!

From visual to hands-on learners, this furniture creates a contemporary, student-centered learning environment to give every student the opportunity for success in school, and ultimately, life. 

If you have questions or would like to make a donation towards this project, please contact Yael Twito, Director of Development 972.248.3032 x114.

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Thank You To Our Donors!

Larry Luskey
Rebecca & Jonathan Rosen

In honor of Grant, Stella and Amelia

Shera & Michael Dressman
Susan & Bill Behrendt
Binkey & Adrian Meyer

In honor of Jake Friedman

Shana & Derek Staub
Liz Lawlor
Brittany & Daniel Zeltser
Shera & Mike Dressman
Debra Weinberger & Steven Files
Erin & Leeronz Laizerovich

In honor of the Laizerovich family

Zara & Zachary Shapiro
Janet Behringer
Jeremy Litton
Amelia & Ari Krupnik

In honor of Susie Shnider and Laura DePorte

Pamela & Jonathan Goldminz
Natalie & Scott Mellman

In honor of Mila & Cohen Mellman

Michelle & Doug Berger

In honor of Mason, Grant and Blake Berger

Jonathan Palant & Mark Mullaney

In memory of Dr. Daniel I. Palant

Tina & Marcus Orlowski
Marlo & Menachem Michaeli

In honor of Shalom and Natela Michaeli

Marissa & Rob Solls

In honor of Connor and Skylar Solls

Nilly & Ruben Ovadia

In honor of Victor, Annette & Elias Ovadia

Danielle & Josh Zietz
Susan & Steven Wilkofsky

In honor of our grandchildren

Rebecca & Paul Bashara

In honor of Ava Bashara

Barbara Carr-Goodman & Herb Goodman
Brandy & Mark Wayne
Ilene & Steven Sanders

In honor of Mason Strumwasser

Marcia & Jaime Kopel

In honor of Julie and Michael Zimmermann

Pamela & Aaron Pinkus

In honor of Tara Pinkus

Marnie & Andrew Monfried
Shaun & Jeremy Medows
Sandy & Alan Haas

In honor of our 2018/2019 FABULOUS 3's class

Erica & David Foland

In honor of Ari Foland

Shari & Lewis Meyers

In honor of our 2018-2019 Fabulous 3’s class

Megan & Kevin Maldonado
Shira & Matthew Goldberg
Stephanie & Scott Sulzer
Derek Israelstam

In honor of Max and Ryan Israelstam

Jodi & Yan Lemeshev
Hilary & Abraham Lewinsohn

In honor of Gabi Appel

Madaleine & Hervey Levin
Sheryl & Robert Feinberg

In honor of Avner O'Sulluvan

Suellen Rothschild & John Miller

In honor of our grandchildren Miles and Laila June Bracken 

Carol-Ann & Bill Bracken
Rachel & Darrin Goldin
Tom Elieff

In honor of the ECC Faculty

Diana & Bradley Behringer
Shawn & Michael Frank

In memory of Gerard Frank

Aliyah & Paul Markowitz
Paige & Neal Rothstein
Lisa & Josh Rothstein
Heather & David Behr

In memory of Frank Thorp Elieff

Devorah & Zachery Goldstein

In honor of Beverley Lewin, Sandy Haas, and Shari Meyers

Julia Kaufman

In honor of Rosalie Kaufman

Augustus Lyons

In honor of Tom Elieff and in memory of Frank Elieff

Lauren & Zachery Horn
Alisa & Jordan Beck
Jeanie Siegel
Nicole & Jay Post

In honor of Sandy and Shari’s 3’s class

Batya & Aaron Friedman
Megan & Ilan Fehler
Jan Luskey

In honor of Caleb & Sydney Luskey

Sheryl & Howard Mintz

In memory of Charles & Rochelle Mintz

Adva & Kfir Rahamim
Melissa & Brandon Richardson
Stephanie Barta

In memory of Marc Barta

Simone Haddad
Tara & Josh Beliak

In honor of Ella & Margot Beliak

Jacqui & Gavin Felder

In memory of Bruce Dorfman

Allison & Bryan Grossman

In honor of Levi, Ryder and Dylan

Einat & Gil Sadka

In memory of Menachem Szpigelman

Debbi Levy Rothschild & Barry Rothschild

In honor of Laila Bracken and her class

Sandy & Andrew Marks

In honor of Jake, Adrianna, Izzie, Kaya & Eli

Emily & Larry Kern
Amy & Michael DuBois

In memory of Stanley Spigel

Julie & Michael Zimmermann
Erica & Eric Feldman

In honor of Levi and Brooks

Hadar & Gadi Spiro
Diane & Mark Fleschler

In honor of Mason, Grant, Blake & Matthew

Laura & Ben Weinstein

In honor of Simon & Amia

Lynne & Michael Guillot

In memory of Sol Lurie

Bonnie & Michael Grossfeld

In honor of Jacob, Jonathan, Sarah, Caleb & Sydney

Larisa Kraus
Elizabeth & Daniel Bracken

In honor of Laila & Miles Bracken

Amy & Anson Switzer
Joanne & Gary Croll
Teresa & Lance Rosenfield
Risha & Steven Reiman
Judy Glazer
Julie & Aharon Yochananov
Julie & Jared Drinkwater

In honor of Ann & Nate Levine and Julie & Michael Zimmermann

Nicole Solman Rosenbaum & Steven Rosenbaum
Bonnie & Jeffrey Whitman

In honor of Dylan Steiger

Andrea & Brett Steiger

In honor of Dylan Steiger

Stacey & Andrew Behrendt
Courtney Hensel
Shauna & Ryan Milstein
Naomi Handelman & Raz Asoulin

In honor of Liana & Mrs. Beverley

Athene & Warren Harmel
Yael & Bar Twito

In honor of Matan Twito

Kelly & Jared Swofford

In honor of the Teachers in the ECC

Linda & Dave Garner
Janine & Charles Pulman

In honor of Ann Levine

Emily & Brett Luskey

In honor of Caleb and Sydney Luskey

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