Early Childhood

Weinreb Early Childhood

Rich, stimulating, and inviting—the best learning during the early childhood years (Three months through Pre-K) must have these qualities in the environment in abundance. At Levine Academy’s Weinreb Family Early Childhood, the faculty and staff commit to providing a best-in-class environment as well as to implement classroom activities that are developmentally appropriate for each child, instilling confidence in our youngest pupils. Classrooms are set up in learning and interest centers, and each day includes an extended “free selection time” that encourages children to initiate activities on their own.

Throughout the school day, children are encouraged to think, create, and problem-solve. Children express themselves using varied media, such as paint, clay, cooking, and poetry, with each activity designed to nurture each child's creativity. 

Respect for each child's developmental readiness is the underlying principle of our approach. Our new 21st century classrooms are proof that we take this element of education very seriously. Our teachers see growth as a sequential process, in which children pass through stages in their cognitive, physical, linguistic, and social/emotional growth. Our teachers understand how to nurture a child and, at the same time, challenge him or her to take the next step on his or her developmental path. 

Levine Academy's Weinreb Family Early Childhood environment is designed to provide the child with a strong and positive orientation, enriched with Jewish values. Every day of the school year, children experience Judaism as a joyful way of life. While our EC program is an inclusive environment with a diverse profile of families from different ethnicities, nationalities, and religions, the symbols and traditions of Jewish life are made accessible, understandable, and tangible for all to enjoy. Jewish values and holidays are integrated into the Weinreb Family Early Childhood curriculum in many ways:

  • Through daily interactions, students learn to recognize Jewish symbols, holidays, Torah stories, and prayers.
  • There are two formal Jewish mini-sessions per class weekly, plus Tefilah each Monday (Havdalah) and Thursday (Torah), and Kabbalat Shabbat on Friday.
  • All Jewish holidays and special commemorative days have special educational units and programming.


Language skills. Speaking, listening, literature, writing, symbols, environmental print, rhyming, exploration of sounds, beginning identification of letters and sounds.

Number skills. Patterning, graphing, identifying, classifying, sorting, sequencing, counting, understanding of numbers, seriation, matching.

Exploring the natural and social world. Exploring the natural world through observation and discovery, the world around us, plants, air, space, nature, water, sea, animals, families, and friends.

Musical and artistic expression.

Physical abilities. Movement, dance, body rhythmics, and fine and large motor skills.

Social and emotional skills. Independence, separation, working with others as a team, living with others as a community, respect for all people and for oneself.

Jewish studies. Torah, Shabbat, Israel, Jewish observance, prayer, holidays, introduction to Hebrew language. Three-Year-Olds and Pre-Kindergarten participate in a formal Hebrew language immersion program. Children gain a Jewish vocabulary and Jewish orientation to the seasons of the year.

Click here for the complete Weinreb Family Early Childhood Curriculum Guide.

Programs and Hours

Awareness of each child’s developmental readiness is the underlying principle of our early childhood curriculum. We understand that children pass through predictable stages in their cognitive, physical, linguistic, and social/emotional growth. Our teachers nurture and challenge each child through the individual.

Our EC program offers flexible hours with early and extended care options to fit all of our EC families.  The EC program is from 8:45 AM-12:45 PM for Infants-Three-Year-Olds. Our Pre-K school day is from 8:45 AM-2:00 PM. We offer early care starting at 7:45 AM and Extended Day and Educare programs until 4:00 PM or 6:00 PM.

Aftercare Program

Extended Day offers both morning and after school programs. Early Care begins at 7:45 AM., and the students are delivered to their classrooms prior to the start of their school day. The program resumes after morning dismissal until 6:00 PM. Young Toddlers and Two-year-olds take a nap from 1-3:00 PM. Three-year-olds and Pre-K students have their choice of an Educare class from 1-2:00 PM or 2-4:00 PM. Two-year-olds have the opportunity to transition from Nap to Educare in January. Educare classes are followed by a 45-minute rest period. Extended rest time is available. Aftercare students participate in daily specialty classes such as Art, Science and Tumbling.

Educare Program operates between 1-2:00 PM, and 2-4:00 PM, where Three-year-olds and Pre-K students will participate in a 30-45-minute activity. Activities may include Ballet, Martial Arts, Cooking, Gymnastics, Science, Art, and Music. Fees may be required in order to participate in these extracurricular activities.