Shira Rahamim ('22)

We live in an amazing world, don’t you agree? But how was it created in the first place?
In this week's Torah portion, Bereshit, it talks about the six days of creation. 

On each day of the week, G-d creates something different: darkness and light on the first day, heavens and ground on the second day, land and sea on the third day, sun, moon, and stars on the fourth day, land and sea animals on the fifth day, and lastly, human beings on the sixth day. On each day, He created spectacular things that build up the world we live in today. But what about the seventh day? On the seventh day, G-d created a day for rest; no work, no stress, just rest. After all the hard work He did to create this world, the Lord decided that we all need a day to sit back and relax. Bereshit is a very important parsha because it is what began everything, why we are alive today.