Heidi Bacon, 5th & 6th Grade Science

What intrigued me the most about choosing Guatemala, were the indigenous people, the Mayan. I read about them in National Geographic in 1989.One famous Guatemalan is  Rigoberta Menchu’, who won a Nobel Peace Prize for her ethno-cultural reconciliation based on respect for the rights of indigenous people. (1992) Her struggle was real. She lost most of her village in a raid, while my struggle was just trying to just find a job after graduating college. That is when I decided to try something new, a new culture, work on my language skills in Spanish, meet new people and travel.  I will never regret going to the Peace Corps. It made me more of who I am today.  

* Heidi graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in Biology.  After college, she served in the Peace Corps in Guatemala.  She taught for several years in DISD schools and in private and public schools in Houston. She likes the outdoors, attends concerts, and loves cooking.