The Library Mission
The Levine Academy Library program is intended to promote the development of collections and services that support the goals of the school. The library exists to provide a diverse collection of library materials and services that will meet the educational, curricular, informational, recreational, and cultural needs of the school. The library supports both General and Jewish Studies of the Levine Academy curriculum.

The Library Goals
The following goals are based upon the principle that information problem solving crosses all subject areas and is a life skill that everyone must acquire in order to be an independent learner.

  • To provide resources, services, and instruction to assist students in becoming critical thinkers in the pursuit and use of ideas and information.
  • To develop diverse collections of information resources that support and enrich curricula, provide a wide range of viewpoints reflective of the entire school population, and encourage students and staff to pursue personal interests.
  • To foster a lifetime love of reading, literature appreciation, and pursuit of knowledge in its many forms and media.
  • To strengthen student achievement in information literacy, independent learning, and socially responsible use of information and information technology.
  • To encourage and promote the study of Judaism.
  • To provide all students and staff members with timely access to information and materials.
  • To establish regular, unstructured opportunities for all students to visit the library to pursue an activity of their choosing in whatever media best suited to their interest and at whatever pace best suited to their ability.
  • To establish a stimulating environment that encourages a desire to read and learn.
  • To maintain a convenient, comfortable, and aesthetically inviting facility for all users.

Library Curriculum Overview

The school library is in a unique position to teach students how to find, organize, and synthesize information by offering its vast resources. Students will be provided with opportunities to learn how to locate, analyze, evaluate, interpret, and communicate information and ideas. Students will also learn how to use new information technologies as learning tools.

The Library Curriculum has two major components:

  1. Information Literacy – Developing strategies to access, evaluate, use, and communicate information for learning, decision making, and problem solving.
  2. Literature Appreciation – Experiencing a wide variety of reading, listening, and viewing resources to interact with ideas.

ECC Library Program & Curriculum

Early Childhood Center 
Early Childhood Center students, including those in Kindergarten, come to the library once a week for story time, where, each week, a central theme is introduced that relates to their class work or to an upcoming Jewish holiday. The children hear stories from books and flannel boards, sing, and play with puppets.

During library book check-out, the children select books that they find appealing. They may be drawn to a book’s cover or the pictures, but the most important thing is that they select the book all by themselves. Children in Parent & Me and ECC 2's select from age-appropriate books that the librarian has set out. Children in the ECC 3's, Pre-K, and Kinder may browse the shelves themselves to select a book.

Parents have the option to participate in a program called Library Birthday Club. If they opt to do so, they will be invited to purchase a book for the Library, in honor of their child’s birthday. The selection will bear a book plate commemorating the child’s birthday. The child will have the honor to check this book out before anyone else, as desired. The presentation will be documented, with pictures posted in the ECC Library Book Club area.

Lower School Library Program & Curriculum

Beck Lower School Library: Grades 1-4 
All classes in Grades 1-4 come to the library once a week. Each class consists of a library / information skills lesson or a story based on a theme and book check-out. 

Students in Grades 3-6 may participate in the state-wide, annual Bluebonnet Book Award Reading Program. This is a uniquely Texan program where students may choose to read from a list of 20 books that have been nominated for the Bluebonnet Award. If they read a minimum of 5, they are eligible to cast a ballot for their favorite each January.

Students learn to assume personal responsibility for maintaining the property of the library, and for the care of the library books.

Middle School Library Program & Curriculum

Middle School Library: Grades 5-8 

Students are encouraged to come into the library throughout the school day. They may want to come in to explore a topic for research, to find the answer to a question, for recreational reading, or for a quiet place to do homework. 

Middle School students attend scheduled Library Literacy sessions, which include lessons in non-fiction, reference, using the online catalog, poetry, and Internet literacy. Research skills are taught in collaboration with classroom teachers.

Catalog and Resources

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