Board of Trustees: 2020-2021/ 5780-5781

Sandy Haymann Marks, President
Marc Grossfeld, President Elect
Neal Rothstein, VP Finance
Julie Wilkofsky, VP Development
Jonathan Blum, Secretary
Solomon Israel, Immediate Past President
David Goldberg, Past President
Michael Cohen
Aaron Frydman
Dan Gold
Jen Goldstein
Joanne Hazan
Hylton Jonas
Emily Kern
Mark Kreditor
Jodi Lemeshev

Nate Levine
Shaun Medows
Yury Mintskovsky
Nilly Ovadia
Janis Peiser
Irving Prengler
Lee Raphael
Risha Kopel Reiman
Michelle Rosenberg
Adam Stern
Mark Wayne
Laura Weinstein
Michael Zimmermann

Levine Academy Board of Trustees Job Description

Please click here to read the description.

Please submit all nominations by March 5, 2021.

You are strongly encouraged to assist the Committee on Trustees (COT) in identifying candidates to serve on the Levine Academy Board of Trustees.  Generally, the Committee on Trustees looks for candidates who have already demonstrated commitment to the school, whether through service on a committee, PA, or in other areas.  Nevertheless, the nomination process is a way for the COT to identify individuals not just for board positions, but also for cultivation for a board position.  Thus, prior service for the school is not necessarily a prerequisite, but if COT is interested in a particular candidate, that individual may initially be asked to get involved in a committee or in another way prior to being considered for board service.

The Committee on Trustees is looking for candidates with: (1) exemplary personal characteristics; (2) strong leadership qualities; (3) commitment to Levine Academy, its mission, and the broader Jewish community;  (4) interest and/or experience in the advancement of Jewish day school and education;  (5) strategic vision; and (6) willingness to participate in fundraising activities on behalf of Levine Academy.  The accompanying Board of Trustees Job Description will also be used as a guide.

Please use the form below to electronically submit your nomination(s).  Include additional sheets, if necessary.