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Grades K to 4


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Grades 5 to 8

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Average class size:
12 students

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100% Matriculation to
top Dallas area
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40% of Lower & Upper School Faculty hold advanced degrees


Professional Development 
2240 hours


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Ann & Nate Levine Academy



Inspiration means that Levine Academy seeks to develop in its students the free exercise of inner vision. Inspiration is about the cultivation of imagination, the fostering of hope, and the development of one’s personal voice. Inspiration refers to each person’s quest to create, to amplify possibilities, and to conceive of a better world. Yes, inspiration is frequently seen in the art class or in the language arts class, but at Levine Academy we also see inspiration as the free flow of energy that leads to problem-solving and helps children to awaken and enlarge their sense of human experience.



Knowledge governs our academic program across the board—General and Judaic Studies—the pursuit of knowledge is focused on cultivating exploration, curiosity, questioning, and critical thinking. Knowledge is centered on the process and actions of inquiry, which means developing those crucial thinking skills that lead to analysis and interpretation. Experience with inquiry and the construction of knowledge is incorporated throughout Levine Academy’s celebrated Middle School Judaic classes and in its Humanities subjects, leading students toward exercising successful, investigative thinking and problem-solving skills. The active pursuit of and positive regard for knowledge prepares our students for leadership roles throughout high school and for success in their advanced level college prep courses.



Character is about instilling a strong sense of pride in Judaism by giving students the tools for full participation in all aspects of Jewish life. Character is about developing a strong sense of identity, which means cultivating one’s individual Jewish identity as well as growing one’s knowledge and appreciation of one’s Jewish heritage and traditions. Character means developing one’s own confidence through the cultivation of voice, which is one’s innate, G-d-given style or place in this world. At Levine Academy, we see character formation happening all the time: character is as much dependent on a strong across-the-curriculum writing program as it is developed in regular Torah study, in our prayer services, and in our promotion of the School’s seven middot.