The Levine Fund Annual Campaign: Helping Values Grow


Here at Ann & Nate Levine Academy, it is our mission to help grow flourishing individuals who are grounded in integrity, self-confidence, and intellectual curiosity. But just as a tree does not grow tall and strong in one day, our school did not become one of the premiere Dallas day schools overnight. We would not be able to accomplish this mission without the generous support of our Levine Fund donors.

The success of Levine Academy is the direct result of decades of support from our parents, grandparents, board of directors, and local community. When you give to Levine Academy, you water the roots of a Jewish day school that is making a difference in the community and preparing students to succeed at the area's top high schools. By nurturing and strengthening the roots, you send nourishment to the administration and teachers. Nourishing the staff means they are well equipped to teach your children, carrying out our mission to foster leadership, creativity, critical thinking, and Jewish values in our students and community.

This year more than ever before, Levine Academy is relying on your support to help us overcome the hurdles set before us in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Donating to the Levine Fund is the best way to guarantee that your contribution goes to the school's area of greatest need. 

Your gift to Levine is an investment in the future of Jewish education and our future community leaders.

Strengthen our roots and help values grow by giving today!




The contributions of our 2019-2020 Levine Fund Donors enabled us to accomplish so much!
Please see all of the wonderful things that  the Levine Fund dollars have provided for our students and teachers this year:

Thank you to our 2019-2020 Levine Fund Donors!

Adva & Kfir Rahamim
Alisa & Jordan Beck
Alla & Gennady Rakovchik
Amelia & Ari Krupnik
Amlon Resources Group, LLC
Amy & Anson Switzer
Andrea & Jonathan Blum
Andrea & Loren Weinstein*

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Anita & Renno Lawless-Felarca
Anna & Alexander Katzman
Ann & Nate Levine
Ariane & Matthew Stern
Arona & Robert Ackermann

In memory of Helena & Lapidot Cirt

Ashley & Marc Grossfeld Philanthropic Fund*

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Athene & Warren Harmel*
Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Barbara Carr-Goodman & Herb Goodman

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff
In memory of Orell Morris Hensel

Barbara & Colin Kawalsky
Barbara & Norman Towbin

In memory of Matan Richman

Barbara & Paul Mohl
Barbara Spigel

In memory of Stanley Spigel

Barbra & Allan Furman
Barry Mellman
Batya & Aaron Friedman
Becki & Brad Fleury
Becky Barmak

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Ben Post
Bertta & Scott Herstein
Betty & Fred Kenner

In honor of Judy Glazer, Barbara Carr-Goodman, Benjamin Rosenbaum, Beverley & Peter Lewin, and Bertie Behringer


Beverly & Jackson Salasky

In honor of Rabbi Jeremy Litton

Binky & Adrian Meyer

In honor of Jake Friedman

Bobbie & David Repp
Bonnie & Michael Grossfeld*
Bonnie & Rodger Brown

In honor of Noah Brown

Brandy & Mark Wayne
Brettne & Andrew Hemley
Carol & Mark Kreditor*
Carrie Sternberg
CasSandra & Mason Kessner
Cathy & Joel Brook
Courtney Hensel

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Dana & Mark Shidlofsky
Daniel Feldman
David and Lorraine Hoppenstein Philanthropic Fund*
Debbie & Alan Postel
Debbie & David Friedman

In honor of Jake Friedman

Debbie & Erman Hensel

In honor of Courtney Hensel

Deborah & Jonathan Herskovitz
Debra Weinberger & Steve Files
Derek Israelstam
Devorah & Zachery Goldstein
Dia & Barry Epstein

In memory of Helen & Darwin Wolkow

Diana & Brad Behringer
Diana & Gregory Krevo
Diana & Leon Frid
Diane & Mark Fleschler

In honor of Mason, Grant & Blake Berger and Matthew Fleschler

Eden & Tom Elieff
Eileen & Aaron Kreisler

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Eileen & Steve Lee

In honor of Jett Taverniti

Einat & Gil Sadka

In memory of Menachem Szpigelman

Elaine & Michael Lowenkron

In honor of Ann & Nate Levine

Elaine & Morris Rutchik
Elieen & Howard Kessner

In honor of CasSandra Kessner

Elit & Zach Tamir
Elizabeth & Seth Kaufman
Ellen & Jack Fishpaw

In honor of Will & Hayes Fishpaw

Emily & Larry Kern
Erica & David Foland
Erica & Eric Feldman
Esmé & Errol Jacobson
Eve & Daniel Frid

In honor of Camp Shemesh

Eve Guth & Ed Livingston
Evelyn & Andrew Rosemore

In honor of Charlotte and Grace Tonini
In memory of Hilda Ozen

Felicia Traub

In memory of Dr. Abraham and Helaine Traub

Fidelity Investments
Fonberg Investment Corp.
Frieda & Edward Khalameizer
Friends of Levine
Gail & Abraham Boms

In honor of Ari & Sidney Dressman

Gayle & Fred Grinnell

In memory of Anita & Nathaniel Grinnell

Gerrie & Gerald Gould

In honor of the Lemeshev Family

Gift of Giving Fund*

Recommended by Jonathan Blum

Gilda & Edward Norin
Gillian Menter
Gloria & Kenneth Price
Gloria & Lionel Reiman

In memory of Jerry Shiller

Hadar & Gadi Spiro
Heidi & Lawrence Schoenfeld

In honor of Ben Goldstein's Bar Mitzvah

Helene Berke
Helen & Frank Risch*
Hilary Dzodin-Kaganas & Abraham Lewinsohn
Hillary & Kevin Steinberg
Howard Schultz

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Ike and Fanny Sablosky Foundation*
Irina & Michael Kleyman
Irit & Rabbi David Moyal
Jackie & Dustin Kirkendall
Jackie & Steve Waldman

In memory of Lilly Oppenheimer Cirillo

Jacqueline & Michael Hoffman

In memory of Ram Katave and Carol Burnett Elieff

In honor of Sandy Mark's 50th Birthday

Jacqui & Gavin Felder
Jaime & Michael Cohen
Jamie & Jay Eisenberg
Jana & Robert Milstein
Jane Kinney
Jane Leader
Janet & Stanley Siegel
Janis & Allan Peiser
Jeanette & Jeffrey Lurie
Jeanie Siegel
Jenalee & Lee Raphael
Jennifer & Andrew Tonini

In honor of Ari Dressman's 1st Birthday

Jennifer & George Nissan
Jennifer & Jerald Goldstein
Jennifer & Randy Kramen
Jill & Stephen Saravay
Joanie Geffen
Joanna & Brendan Cohen
Joanne & Simon Hazan
Joan Weltman
Jodi Weisblatt
Jodi & Yan Lemeshev
Jolene Risch

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Joyce Garber-Sondheimer & Lenny Sondheimer
Joyce & Joe Rosenfield

In honor of our granddaughter, Sophie Rosenfield

Judi Chisdes
Judy Glazer

In memory of Sara Israel
In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Julia & James Gebhart
Julie & Aharon Yochananov
Julie & Gary Haymann
Julie & Ian Wilkofsky
Julie & Michael Zimmermann
Karen Glanger

In honor of Chloe Glanger

Karen & Jonathan Schildkraut

In honor of Levine Teachers

Karen & Stephen Heller
Kari and David Goldberg*
Kari Bernstein-Horne & Neal Horne
Karina Navarrete & Sergio Melendez
Kate Williams
Katy & Selwyn Hill
Kelly & Jared Swofford
Keren & Brent Meyer
Kimberly & Daniel Gold
Kimberly & Kirk Wilson
Krause Zahler Family Fund*

In memory of James Patrick Flynn, Lynda McInnis's father
In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Larry & Leslie Krasner
Laura & Ben Weinstein*
Laura & Joseph Dorbusin

In memory of Ruth Barth Dobrusin
In honor of Skylar and Hayden Rosenberg

Lauren & Daniel Rothstein*
Lauren & Seth Margolies
Laurie & Dan Goetz
Laurie & David Sokolsky

In honor of our granddaughters, Eliana & Amelia Yochananov

Lauri & Irving Prengler
Leah & David Engelberg

In honor of Gabbi Lewin's Wedding

Leora & Larry Short

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Leslie & Larry Krasner
Levine Academy Class of 2022

In memory of Betty Rae McInturff

Levine Academy's 2019-2020 Student Congress

Dollars for Denim

Lilach & Amichai Ron

In honor of Omer and Danielle Ron

Linda & David Clorfeine
Linda & David Garner

In honor of Meadow Switzer

Linda & Edward Sands
Linda Fisch

In memory of Hilda Ozen

Linda & Garry Kahalnik
Linda & Jeffrey Hochster

In honor of Noa and Ari Goldman

Linda & Leonard Behr
Linda & Ted Taback

In honor of Talia & Yoni Taback

Lindsay Feldman
Lisa & Josh Rothstein

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff
In memory of Ron Marks

Lisa & Randy Fleisher
Lisa Rapfogel
Lisa & Steven Rudner

In memory of Hilda Ozen

Liz Lawlor
Lori & Adam Stern
Louise & Brandon Crain
Louise & Norman Jaffe

In honor of Edan Jaffe

Lynda Mc Innes
Lynn & Jay Staub
Madeleine & the late Dr. Michael F. Appel
Mahra & Kevin Pailet
Marcia Terner Kopel & Jaime Kopel

In honor of Daniella & Pierson Reiman

Marco Rodriguez
Marcy Halfand & Robert Brook
Margaret Hunley
Margot Okowita
Marilyn & Harrell Pailet
Marilyn & Michael Rutner*
Marilyn & Stanley Rothstein*
Marlene Sternberg

In honor of Seth Sternberg

Marlo & Menachem Michaeli
Marnie & Andrew Monfried
Maureen Reister
Megan & Ilan Fehler
Melinda & Steve Wertheim

In honor of Guy Mayer Frid

Melisa & Brandon Richardson
Melissa & Darrel Robins
Melissa & Michael Reiman
Merav & Eyal Even
Michelle & Bryan Lurie
Michelle & Ran Friedman
Mimi & Barry Roth

In honor of Ellie Milstein

Miri & Zeev Twito
Mitzi & Richard Kahn

In honor of Ali Kahn

Monique & Eduardo Tanur
Muriel Gross
Myrna & Charles Ingham
Myron Stayman

In honor of Asher Stayman

Nancy & Jay Kanter

In honor of Judy Glazer

Nancy & Mark Solls
Nancy & Solomon Israel
Naomi Handelman-Asoulin & Raz Asoulin-Handelman
Nicole & Joshua Emmett

In honor of Linda Behr's Birthday

In honor of Mia and Zoe Blum's Bat Mitzvah

Nicole & Steven Rosenbaum
Nilly & Ruben Ovadia
Odeya & Carmel Zach
Ortal & Gilad Rubinsky
Paige and Neal Rothstein*
Pamela Alexander
Pamela & Jonathan Goldminz
Pam & Robert Karpel
Pauline Cynkus
Peta-Ann & Gary Silansky

In honor of Ben Goldstein's Bar Mitzvah

Petty & Steven Weiss
Rabbi Ana Bonnheim & Rabbi Asher Knight
Rabbi Jeremy Litton
Rachel & Darrin Goldin
Rachel & David Friedman
Rachelle & Garry Okowita
Rachel & Michael Emmett
Rebecca & Jonathan Rosen
Renee & Philip Borod

In honor of Daniel & Tara Karp and Family

Risha Kopel Reiman & Steven Reiman

In memory of Bobby Goldstein

Rochelle & Michael Stahl
Ruthie & Alan Shor

In honor of Debbie & Jeff Weinstein's Anniversary
In honor of Debbie Weinstein's Birthday

Sabrina & Kevin Burck
Samantha & Tom Fairman
Sandra & Allan Cantor
Sandy Frieden & Bob Kelly

In honor of Evan, Jonah & Alex Frieden

Sandy Haymann Marks & Andrew Marks
Sandy & Howard Frysh
Sandy Phillips

In honor of Landon & Logan Hernandez

Sarah & Brett Golman
Sarah & Chad Rosen

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Sarah & Ethan Davis
Sarah, Michael & Talia Fisher
Sarah & Mitchell Brown
Sara & Jeremy Kraus

In memory of Edward S. Kraus

Sara & Steven Itskovich
Seth Weisblatt
Shani & Jeff Romick
Shauna & Ryan Milstein*
Shaun & Jeremy Medows
Shawn & Michael Frank
Sheila & Larry Stern

In honor of Cooper Frank's Bar Mitzvah

Sheila & Steven Fenyves

In memory of Hilda Ozen

Shelley & Mark Cohen
Shelly & Edward Mendelson
Shelly & Jeff Derdiger
Shelly & Richard Guyer

In honor of Samantha, Jessica, & Joshua Gold

Sheryl & Robert Feinberg

In honor of Aviner O'Sullivan

Simone Haddad
Smadar & Uzi Tzur
Sol and Estelle Barzune Endowment Fund*
Stacey & Andrew Behrendt
Stacey & Chuck Butler

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Stacy & Jason Bruce
Stephanie Barta
Stephanie Israelstam
Stephanie & Scott Sulzer
Steven Rapfogel

In honor of Andrew Ostroff

Susan Shniderman
Susan & Steven Wilkofsky

In honor of Jordyn, Molly and Benjamin Wilkofsky

Susie & Allan Wolbe

In memory of Arlene Frances Crotty

Susie Shnider
Suzanne Azoulay
Talia Weltman-Cisneros & G. Andres Cisneros
Tamara & Leo Speckman

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Tema & Martin Rosenbaum

In honor of Benjamin Hudson Rosenbaum

Teresa & Lance Rosenfield
Terry & Lawrence Tobin
Texas Instruments
The Behr Family
The Drinkwater Family
The Ilene & Steve Sanders Family

In honor of Mason & William Strumwasser

The Lois W. Gordon Endowment Fund*

In memory of Lois Gordon and her commitment to the Ann & Nate Levine Academy

Theresa & Jeffrey Kurz
The Sardas Family Foundation
The Stahl Family Fund of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Kansas City

In honor of Eliana Stahl's health and recovery

Tina & Marcus Orlowski
Tobe & Arlin Goldberg
Tolleson Wealth Management

In honor of Ann & Nate Levine

Trudy & Leon Cohen

In honor of Claire, Ryann, & Lucy Cohen

Veronique & Hylton Jonas

In honor of Sandy Mark's 50th Birthday

Wendy Cramer
Wendy & Lester Rothschild

In honor of Guy & Libby Stern

Wendy & Stephen Lieman
Yael & Bar Twito

In memory of Carol Burnett Elieff

Yafit & Rami Buaron
Yana & Yury Mintskovsky
Yanina & Meir Fradkin
Yuliya Berman & Aharon Tarnavsky
Yvette & Doug Stayman
Zara & Zachary Shapiro